“I was born and raised in Uzbekistan. My dreams and goals flew me all the way from other side of the world to the United States in 2014. It was not easy for me to adapt in a big, crowded city with not even a basic knowledge of English. I realized that in order to achieve my dreams, education is key. I was desperate to learn English and get my college degree, but I was forced to start High School again when I was 19 because I never finished the High school in Uzbekistan. Working full time and being a full-time high school student was the biggest challenge I have faced. But it really shaped me to who I am today, because with the hard work, many sleepless nights I was able to accomplish passing the language test in 6 months and jumped from the Basic Beginner level to non-ESL classes.

Whilst it wasn’t easy for me to overcome all the hardships, it taught me very important life lessons. I learned to acknowledge the hardships and thrive in life.

If you had told me two years ago that I will earn my associate degree in one of the prestigious two-year school, I wouldn’t believe you. But here I am earning my degree in International Studies at LaGuardia Community College and a member of the International Honor society.

Sometimes we find ourselves lost and confused in a new environment but with hard work and resiliency, we are capable of making a difference in the society!”

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