“When one defines him/her as an immigrant, it implies more than just a definition—perhaps a story! 
Today, you wake up breathing the air you’re familiar with, wrapped in your cozy warm blankets with the smell of freshly baked cookies your mother prepared for breakfast. You know the street and the people. You know what to expect and what not to. But the next day, you are thousands of miles away from the home you grow up in, to the venture you’re confident yet thrilled of, next to room full of people you met for the very first time in life. Despite your strong resistance, you feel the blazing flare of confidence within you shifting to faint flickering beacon—dynamic yet feeble. 

Shyanon Rai, a student at Lagcc and Phi Theta Kappa member

As an immigrant myself, I struggled with what most of our kind struggles with. The struggle that is entangled in the mundane life of most immigrants. It is the struggle of being in an inescapable chain of being both student and an employee. As hard as it already is to resist the feeling of longing for home, you feel lost in the journey of embarking your study and work together for the first time. There are some really depressing days when you have an annoying customer in one hand and a failing grade in the other. Amid balancing those two, you also have another hurdle adding to that gigantic roller coaster, which I call “the unknown drag”. You come to realize how much you were entwined and depended in your family when you are thrown with problems or issues you never thought existed in the first place. Your family took care of this small yet profound stuff so effortlessly that you never bothered to understand what was being taken care of. And this makes you feel both ways—grateful and homesick. 
However, from being student-employee to keeping all the household pieces together, you find yourself more confident to achieve the goals you strive for. You witness a paradox when you find your purpose and meaning while living such a lost and chaotic life in the country that is different from your own. You become optimistic, you become free, but mostly, you come closer to becoming the person you had always wanted to be!

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  1. Shyanan,
    Well thoughts, keep up the good and hard work that’s why your there and complete our highe study and be the boss in our country.


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