“I was born in a small city in China. I spent my entire childhood there and received my K-12 education. When I was 17 years old,I moved to the U.S. from China after I graduated high school. Everything was new for me including the environment, language, and people. After the first few months, I felt so alone and nervous. I had no friends at that time. Then I realized that I had to change the situation. I started going to the public library to read books and began trying to make friends with others. I also started to study in the Chinatown Manpower Project(CMP) which is located in Manhattan. The Out-of-School Youth Program in there helped me to learn English including reading, writing, and math and basic computer knowledge for 3 months from November to February to prepare for college. I met a lot of peers there. The program also helped me to apply for college. After graduating from the program, I took and passed the assessment test for the City University of New York(CUNY). My life at LaGuardia Community College was started. I learned one important lesson: if you face difficulties, never be afraid to try and get out of your comfort zone.

Ziyi (Eric) Xu , an honor student at LaGuardia Community College

LaGuardia Community College was the first college that I have attended, and it has made me feel that kindness and harmony are possible between people from different backgrounds. In fact, LaGuardia Community College’s student body is made up of people from 160 different countries who speak 127 languages natively but our community is friendly and respectful to everyone. As a new immigrant and first-generation student, I was scared and afraid to share my thoughts and make new friends with others in the first few days. The professors and my classmates helped me a lot to become more confident and brave. It also gave me a lot of chances to explore the world outside of classes. I attended a lot of activities and worked in different roles during my journey in LaGuardia. One of them was becoming part of the President’s Society, where I served as part of a highly selective organization as a tech ambassador. I visited a number of high tech company headquarters such as BuzzFeed and Mongo DB. Those visits really broadened my horizon and gave me a new vision to see myself as a computer science student. They also inspired me about what I want to do in the future.

After two years of study in LaGuardia, it is time to say goodbye. I want to thank the college for giving me the chance to give me the chance to adapt to the new environment and help me to overcome all the difficulties. The good memories from my classes, my volunteer experiences, and my work experiences made me grow up and also let me be curious about what will happen next. I already had a great foundation through the study in there, the next step for me is to explore and pursue my dream in an excellent college. I believe that I am ready to face the challenges as a new immigrant and pursue my dreams!

I am an immigrant and this is my story! “

Laguardia Community College, uploaded from Google picture

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