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In America, Immigration has been a hot-button topic for the past several years as immigrants have been painted in a very negative light. They have been accused of having caused not only local problems, but also many socio-economic problems around the world.  

These various governmental problems, combined with an astounding lack of natural resources, incidents of terrorism, and the impacts of global warming on the environment, have led to the creation of a fearful society in which people do not feel safe. Amidst feelings of being left behind and overwhelmed as fast paced globalization, technological advancements, harsh competition, and growing inequality arise, people can no longer trust one another.

Government leaders have started to use this distrust to manipulate people; using the fear of cosmopolitanism, fear of change, and fear of foreigners to create a climate of panic and fear which conveniently pressures people to choose radical policies.

Immigrants Connect (IC) is a project started by the Alpha Theta Phi chapter officers of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society at LaGuardia Community College. The mission of this project is  to fight against the negative narratives around immigration in the media by sharing positive stories of immigrants.

Editorial team:

Lhamu Tsering Sherpa

Nigina Ortikova


Ann Matsuuchi

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